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    New Client Download

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    Psc payment

    We currently do not accept paysafecard payments. If you don't use an official reseller or staff member for the transfer, chances of getting scammed are higher. Please take this in consideration before handing out your psc codes to anyone.
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    New Client Download

    Hello community, the Client Download link has been removed from the header navigation. You can download the client now from the side-bar element that got added on the forum list view page (main forum page). The element is visible to every user who has permission to download. Best, Novi team
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    nice nft

    nice nft
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    Novihacks honest review

    Thank you for your review and your long trust in our product. We are happy that you enjoy the current UI. Regarding the radar feature that you have to search everytime, I can spoiler you that the upcomming v3 of Novihacks will have a much easier to use UI and also an advanced search feature...
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    Novi detected or undetected?

    Novihacks is always undetected if you are able to download it. If it should get detected in the future, you will not be able to start the software. The default status is always undetected.
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    Novihacks Free Weekend

    For a support request please open a support ticket.
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    Does Novihacks support scripts?

    LUA support will be added in upcomming updates.
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    Hello, please open a ticket.
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    Novihacks Free Weekend

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    Novihacks Free Weekend

    Hello community, after a long time, we decided to host the next Free Weekend this week. From the 8-10 Oct. everyone is able to use the paid version for free. Requirements: - You need to join our discord (https://discord.com/invite/e8KEw89QcP) - You have to sync your forum account with...
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    1st Month Review

    Thank you for your opinion. With novi v3 we will bring and fix a lot new features to the client.
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    New Discord Server

    In order to get access to all channels on our discord you have to synchronize your discord account with the forums. Here is a little guide on how to do that: 1. Navigate to your user account on the website 2. Find the "Connected Accounts" tab 3. Press the "Associate with Discord" button...
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    M new discord ;) chrisundercover#3777

    M new discord ;) chrisundercover#3777
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    New Discord Server

    Hello, this is our new discord server: https://discord.gg/e8KEw89QcP You will be verified manually until tomorrow. The sync is still in work.