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  1. Chris

    New Client Download

    Hello community, the Client Download link has been removed from the header navigation. You can download the client now from the side-bar element that got added on the forum list view page (main forum page). The element is visible to every user who has permission to download. Best, Novi team
  2. Chris

    Novihacks Free Weekend

    Hello community, after a long time, we decided to host the next Free Weekend this week. From the 8-10 Oct. everyone is able to use the paid version for free. Requirements: - You need to join our discord (https://discord.com/invite/e8KEw89QcP) - You have to sync your forum account with...
  3. Chris

    New Discord Server

    Hello, this is our new discord server: https://discord.gg/e8KEw89QcP You will be verified manually until tomorrow. The sync is still in work.
  4. Chris

    Monthly lifetime auction

    Hello community, as you might know, we are not selling lifetime subscriptions at Novihacks. However you get the chance to participate in an auction for a lifetime sub every month. If you are interested in purchasing a lifetime sub you can participate in our monthly auctions, always starting at...
  5. Chris

    New Novihacks Logos

    Hello community, these are the new designs and logos, feel free to use them for your media. Logo white Logo black Icon You can download them by opening the image in a new tab and save it to your desktop. Best, Chris / Novi team
  6. Chris

    Stripe payments added

    Hello community, we added Stripe (credit card) as payment methode to our store. Payments via stripe will be processed instant and you will receive your subscription right after the payment gets validated (usually within a few moments after payment). The payments are not automated and you don't...
  7. Chris

    Novihacks Steam Group

    Hello community, Novihacks official steam group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/novihacksofficial feel free to join :)
  8. Chris

    100.000 registered users

    Hello community, we have reached 100k registered users on our website, an unbelievable number for us. The Novihacks project is now just over a year old and we are delighted about the continuing interest in our software. When we started developing Novihacks in august 2019, we had doubts whether...
  9. Chris

    Novihacks v.2

  10. Chris

    Update Novihacks v.2

    Hello community, a long time has passed since our last update. That's why we are even more happy to officially release Novihacks v.2 today. Novihacks v.2 greatly increases the quality and handling of our cheats and provides a better and more optimized cheating experience. We hope you like the...
  11. Chris

    Event 🥳 Free Weekend at Novihacks 🥳 11th-13th

    Hello users! THE EVENT IS LIVE - DOWNLOAD AND ENJOY! Event: We are hosting the next FREE WEEKEND event here at Novihacks from the 11th to the 13th of december 2020. Every registered user can use our Advanced paid version for free. You will get access to every single feature we offer for 48...
  12. Chris

    Novihacks v.2 teaser

  13. Chris

    Event 🎄NOVIHACKS ADVENT SPECIAL🎄 | Daily Giveaways 🎁

    Advent Special: https://novihacks.com/threads/novihacks-advent-special.1480/
  14. Chris

    Added Forum <-> Discord Synchronization

    Hello community, today we have introduced a system that synchronizes the user accounts of our forum with those of our discord. Furthermore, new users can now create a user account with their discord details (this option will occure in the registration pop-up). This system comes with the...
  15. Chris

    [GER] VAT reduction for German citizens

    Hallo Community, - Dieser Thread widmet sich an unsere aktuellen und künftigen Kunden mit Hauptwohnsitz in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Die Bundesrepublik Deutschland hat aufgrund der Corona Pandemie eine gesetzlich verordnete Mehrwertsteuersenkung von aktuell 19% auf 16% angekündigt. Aus...
  16. Chris

    Novihacks Grenade Helper

  17. Chris

    Update New shopsystem

    Hello community, since today we are using a new shopsystem which is way more advanced compared to the old "user upgrade" system. It comes with a whole invoice and receipt system. Customers are now able to download valid invoices for their purchase. Also the actual purchase content has changed...
  18. Chris

    Novihacks Version 1.2 Update

    Hello community, we are happy to announce Novihacks version 1.2 🥳 New features added to the paid version: - Inventory Access in Matchmaking / - self-explaining - Force Unique Animation / - shows the unique animation of your item when you inspect it. (Only on items which got unique animations...
  19. Chris

    Novihacks Version 1.2 Update! - "preview"

  20. Chris