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  1. Fearles

    Event Among Us competition for Novihacks subscription and other prizes

    Hello, I'm happy to announce that we can start doing Among Us competition for Novi subscription and other prizes! Q: How can we enter to Among Us competition? A: You will be selected by our @GiveawayBot Q: From where we will start playing Among Us? A: Steam and Epic Games (Only paid version...
  2. Fearles

    About Novihacks config crash

    Hello dear Novi community! I seen in Discord and in the forums page and tickets, about "Config crash". This can only be fixed by developers, we can't do nothing about it, and I'm really sorry about it. The reason why loading/changing config cause you a crash, because some features in config...
  3. Fearles

    Update date and compensation

    Hello our dear Novi communtiy! I have a great news for everyone So as everyone are getting issue with client (Authorization error) well there are great news for this. In 1-2days maybe little bit longer, this issue will be fixed! And don't worry we haven't forgot about compensation for lost...
  4. Fearles

    Novihacks client is down for moment

    Hello our dear Novi community! We are really sorry for the issue you all are having, (Authorization error). To fix this problem it will take some time, but don't worry guys all of you will receive an compensation for lost time (Owner will let you guys know how much he will give you all...
  5. Fearles

    Info How and where to download Novihacks Client.

    Hello Novi Community! I just wanna remind you all about Novi client download and from where to download, when it's been moved. From where to download? Here: - Go to the forums page and on the right side, you will see "Client Download"(you can download the Free/Paid version) And guys please...