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Added Forum <-> Discord Synchronization

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Hello community,

today we have introduced a system that synchronizes the user accounts of our forum with those of our discord. Furthermore, new users can now create a user account with their discord details (this option will occure in the registration pop-up).

This system comes with the following features:

- usergroup synchronization
- new thread notification on our discord
- new post notification on our discord
- replies to private conversations on the forums will be sent to the user as discord pm aswell

The following guide explains how to connect your discord account
If you are not registered with your discord account, you have to connect your forum account to your discord account manually. This requires two small steps in the account settings.

Navigate to User > Account details > Connected accounts (https://novihacks.com/index.php?account/connected-accounts/)

After you have to Associate with Discord

With this innovation we hope to have improved the interaction and intuitive user experience. If you have any problems, our staff is available to answer your questions in our support center.

Kind regards
Novihacks team
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