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Event Among Us competition for Novihacks subscription and other prizes


Morning, Day, Evening, active support!
Staff member
I'm happy to announce that we can start doing Among Us competition for Novi subscription and other prizes!

Q: How can we enter to Among Us competition?
A: You will be selected by our @GiveawayBot

Q: From where we will start playing Among Us?
A: Steam and Epic Games (Only paid version of Among Us)

Q: How many people will be in competition and how many imposter there will be?
A: Total 15 players, 2 imposter

Q: How many matches we will do?
A: I think probably about 3 or 4 matches.

Q: What if i get imposter and second imposter is Staff member, will we continue to play?
A: Yes, we will continue to play, and staff member might give you a hand to win, but you have to work together.

Q: What if crewmates win, will they receive prizes?
A: No, only imposters receive prizes, if crewmates win, they might probably have bigger chance to enter next competition. We will see about that.

Here are requirements to enter Among Us competition:

-Great working microphone
-Must understand English language, speaking and understand what others are saying.
-Among Us paid version(Steam and Epic Games)

-Cheating is not allowed.
-When the games start, you must mute your self, you can only unmute yourself in meetings.
-When you leave the game, there is no chance to enter again.
Extremely loud audio is not allowed
(Bonus rules might be added)

If wanna join Among Us competition, join our Discord server, we are selecting players for today competition!
Link: https://discord.gg/RwRMFaHs

Best Regards #TeamNovi.

Everyone enjoy summer season!

And have a nice day!