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Honest Novihacks Review


Hello All,

I haven't used Novihacks for long. However, what i've witnessed for the time I have been is amazing.

This is one fo the most reliable, amazing, well managed client - its amazing to see such development and improvement. Last time I saw this was when OmniAim was actually decent.

The Free Client:

The free version of Novihacks as a "Pre-Testing" is an amazing feature honestly, after trying the free version out I instally bought the advanced, such an easy GUI to navigate around. I've not had any issues whatsoever with the client yet. The triggerbot is an amazing feature (even better with Advanced)

I also got a free karambit (even though the free version doesn't come with that feature, was truly un-expected yet amazing)

The advanced version:

I haven't had time to look at every single thing, but the items I have looked at are amazing and honestly, I couldn't even make up a fault i've experienced, because I haven't the Aimbot, Triggerbot, Legit-Anti Aim, skin changer are all amazing.


If your looking for a legit client to have a laugh and relax with friends, this is 100% the client for you. Give it a test and just have fun. There is no HvH which is a bit of a downer but honestly its not what im here for (I just keep getting f*cked by other hackers lmao)

GUI: 10/10
Skin Changer: 10/10
Aimbot: 10/10
Triggerbot: 10/10
Installation: 1010
Skin Changer: 10/10