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Honest review after 2 months


Hey team , my 2nd month is coming to and end today and i just want to share my experience using novi hacks with u guys .

GUI is just too good , it is very user friendly , very well coded looks neat and clean. Every setting is easy to find and a lot of customization.

SKIN CHANGER is absolute charm ,so easy to use , easy to customize . Sometimes over 2 months it has given me trouble where all my skins would just go unequipped for some reason and i have to manually equip them again . But other than that its great .

VISUALS are good , esp ,chams, items glow everything works perfect as it should . I really like the feature where enemies only glow when they make sound its so useful to look legit player.

RADAR reveal is not the best . it wont show enemies behind smokes or molly's. Sometimes it will just stop working on you . It useable but could be better.

INJECTOR is the best . IT deletes itself after loading , configs are cloud based and thousands of them are available .

Aimbot is just atrocious . even tho you use low fov and high smooth it just looks snappy , even tho i turned on no snap\no lock on. it will still snap and follow the head if enemy walks into ur fov and u dont shoot (use it maybe with a key ). 4 out of 10 times enemy was perfectly in my crosshair but aimbot decided to mess up at the time and enemy ended up killing me even tho i had advantage on him .

Silent aim is good , works all the time BUT for some reason your team mates who are spectating you can see you locking onto ppl's head even tho on your screen you are not . I got reported way many times by my team mates when i was using silent aim coz of this stupid thing . In demo's it doesn't look like you are locking , it is just when someone is spectating you it is very frustrating.

BUGS this cheat is filled with stupid bugs which made me so mad .
Sometimes you are crouching behind a box hiding but from enemies perspective you are just standing there like a retard and he easily headshot you (confirmed in demo's and in casual death cams).
Most of the time when you are afk from enemies perspective your legs are constantly moving in circles (confirmed in demo's) , so many times they have called me out for anti aiming just because of that even tho i never touched anti aim tab in 2months.
My agent slides across map while running even tho i didn't had any sort of anti aim or any other setting on other then aimbot and radar reveal.
Out of these 2 months for atleast 5-6 days the loader didn't work at all .It was just stuck on "Preparing Novihacks" for whole night even after multiple redownloads.
This cheat keeps messing up with my medals for some reason , i had them equipped and on display but after every 10 minutes they will just unequip by themselves and then i had to do display them again . (i didn't even touch profile changer)

My 1 account got VAC banned . it was stupid account and i was balatant on it . But weird thing is it never said i was banned by overwatch , it just said you have been vac banned . My theory is ppl kept reporting me and i was in red trsut factor which led to the ban so i am not too sure if this cheat was detected or not .

I DON't WANT TO DISRESPECT THE DEVELOPES IN ANY WAY . but as customer whos paying 15euro i wanted a product to work as its intended to . And even tho i kept coming back to forums for help there was not an actual solution just random suggestion which didn't work at all.

I am new to cheating community and this was my first ever taste of cheat . I am sorry but i can't say it was satisfactory 2 months .

I will def keep a close eye on Novi Hacks and if in the future all the issues get resolve i will def come back .


About the silent aim. You should have known about it. Every cheat does that. I have been cheating blatant and legit on a single account and for some reason i still have green trust factor. I usually go blatant in death matches or when no1 is spectating me. Be really careful of which options u use.