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Is Novihacks detected?


Hi, guys,
I looked at a few topics today and a few of them say that their accounts are banned by vac.
So I wanted to ask you if the cheat is safe to play right now or not.

qae | kevin


Hello Kevin,

When using havks there is always a risk of being banned but with these hacks you cannot be VAC banned. There are people who have been overwatch banned for playing very blatant so they try to ruin the reputation of the hacks by saying "it gets detected dont use there hacks" but in fact it cannot be detected ita just them playing bad with the hacks so you should use a legit config which can be found in the Novi discord. I don't use walls or aimbot because it makes me look obvious but you can play as you wish just dont stare at people through walls and shoot through walls or use strong aimbot and you should be good !