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Welcome To The Second Lifetime Auction

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Hello community,

So we kind of forgot the auction, but I remembered it so sorry for the late start. But yeah... Were back with this again!
If you have read this far, then good luck. Because the Auction is already live!!! BUT do read the rules and the process first.

Next auction start: 1st Sep
Next auction end: 3rd Sep

Last winner: Jun @rabid20
This month winner: Aug @waggfagg


Bidding process
Every user who is not banned from our service in any way can place a bid as soon the auction is open. You place a bid with a reply to this thread. The reply should contain the amount you are willing to pay. All amounts are billed in EUR (€). If you won the auction, a staff member will get in contact with you here on the forums via private message. You will then receive a PayPal email you can send the money to. After the payment gets confirmed, you will be upgraded for Novihacks Advanced Lifetime.


Auction rules
- Your bid must be higher then the last one
- All bids are in EUR (€)
- Do not spam bids
- You have to be able to pay the amount of your bid if you win
- If you are not willing to pay in case you win, you wont be able to participate in further auctions

Breaking these rules may get you banned from our services. The punishment is up for the staff to decide.

Payment: We only accept PayPal as payment method for the auction.

Happy bidding!
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